Vision Mobile – The Clash of Ecosystems: The life and death of mobile platforms

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, bada and others are locked in a winner-takes-all battle. The Clash of Ecosystems presents everything revolves around an ecosystem. Also, key figures for each of competingt platforms, smartphone penetration per region, but it also shows what happened to platforms that didn’t make it. Which platform has the largest sales base? Which has the largest app store with the most downloads? Check out the answers by viewing the report

Vision Mobile – Cross Platform Developer Tools 2012

This is the seminal report on 100+ cross-platform tools, the metrics of developer experience and the future of native vs web apps. The full report includes: – Mindshare of cross-platform tools – which are being adopted or abandoned? – Breakdown of cross-platform technologies, languages and target platforms – Market trends – where is this market headed? – Developer perceptions – incentives and deterrents to tool use – Competitive scoring – how do the top tools rank in terms of developer experience? – Analysis of 15 major cross-platform tool vendors, with in-depth profiles

YouGov – Survey warns of consumers turning off from digital ads

With all the developments we’ve seen in online advertising over the years, you’d have thought that someone would have figured out how to put a halt to what must be one of the biggest issues of all: people are getting fed up with digital ads. A new report from YouGov, commissioned by mobile marketing company Upstream and provided to TechCrunch before wider release, indicate that people basically feel like there are too many ads, and that they are too pervasive. The situation seems to be a vicious circle. Users are engaging with ads less and less: response rates that were at an average of 7 percent in 1997 have today plummeted down to 0.1 percent for an average online ad. view a reference

DMA – Promoting to the Mobile Consumer Report 2011

Mobile-owning consumers in the UK, Germany and France prefer receiving SMS-based promtions as opposed to other mobile channels, new research published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has revealed. They are generally open to promotional offers, but they have very clear preferences about where they want to reveice them and the type of offers that they like. Getting right pitch into the right channel will therefore have a positive uplift on marketing performance. Key findings from this research indicate that there are both opportunities and issues facing promotional marketers as they look to tackle the mobile consumer. The study conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys on behalf of the DMA and report sponsor Velti, shows that 38 per cent of UK mobile owners prefer receiving promotional offers via SMS, compared to 15 per cent who favour mobile web. view the report

Vision Mobile – Developer Economics 2011

How developers and brands are making money in the mobile app economy Developer Economics 2011 is the definitive report on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile. In this second annual report, analyst firm VisionMobile explores both what drives developer mindshare, and how brands are fast-forwarding into the world of mobile. Developer Economics 2011 takes the reader across the entire developer journey, from the shift of mindshare and why “users can buy you love,” to how money is made in mobile. It covers the hottest issues, from app design and promotion to monetisation and user support.