Workshop «Investments for Innovation and Extraversion»

Taking under consideration the common views of the associations representing innovation and extraversion in the field of technology,  the «New Investment Law» workshop took place on Thursday 1st of November 2012.
The workshop was co-organized by the 5 associations whose members repesent innovative and extraverted companies: HAMAC (mobile applications), HSIA (semiconductors), Hbio (bio-cluster), HASI (aerospace) and HSA (startups) and, appart from members of the associations, participated also representatives of consulting firms, investment institutions as well as expert staff from the political sector, who ensured of the government’s intention to provide emphasis and help the field of technology.
Outcome of this workshop will be a common text,  including all possible aspects for the improvement of the New Investment Law to be sent to the Ministry of Development during the public consultation of the Law, which expires on 9/11/2012.