Workshop «Innovative Investments»

Innovative Investments Workshop took place on Tuesday the 4th of December 2012, aiming towards venture capital funds.
It was co-organized by the 5 associations whose members represent innovative and extraverted companies: HAMAC (mobile applications), HSIA (semiconductors), Hbio (bio-cluster), HASI (aerospace) and HSA (startups).
In this event participated representatives from venture capital funds, as well consulting companies and member-companies from the 5 associations.
At his preliminary speece, Mr Yiannis Kotsis-Giannarakis, General Manager of HAMAC, pointed out the mutual interest of the innovative associations to develop common activities, targeted the enforcement of their members’ extraversion, aiming towards funding and networking.
Mr Yorgos Koutsogiannopoulos, Chairman of HSIA, participated through skype connection direct from Silicon Valley and expressed his experience for the opportunities provided or should be provided to the companies of the sectors, which activities are unknown in the greek market.
The venture capital funds participated presented their portfolio and an extended discussion amongst the participants followed.
This event is the first in a range of seminars and workshops that we are planning to hold within the next 3 months.