The Swordfish Platform – by Obrela Security Industries

The Swordfish Platform is developed by Obrela Security Industries, member of our association.

This short video gives you an overview of the Swordfish Platform, a fundamental change in how Information Security is managed.

The Swordfish Platform is a web-based solution for Enterprise Information Security Management, created from years of in-the-field experience and built from the ground up with a single purpose, to manage your entire Information Security Management lifecycle with a consistent and efficient process while providing complete compliance and auditing documentation.

The Swordfish Platform allows your entire organization to collaborate and ensure that a known secure state is always maintained. All of your users, partners, management, administrators and security and risk officers become part of this streamlined process of creating and maintaining a secure environment.

Connecting the People, Process and Technical domains to each other is crucial if you want to have efficient and cost-effective security operations. Mapping viable and workable processes to regulations, standards and legal requirements and then to the people that use them on a daily basis gives you in-depth visibility you need. Further mapping these to their underlying assets and controls brings a holistic approach to security management that has until now, been unachievable.

Managing security is a complex and difficult task that brings together different groups of people from within your organization, from outside your organization and from auditors and regulatory authorities. Any actions that occur inside your organization or on its behalf by partners, vendors or consultants need to be protected from malicious threats and human error, while always ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, standards and legal frameworks. We understood that managing security for an organization of any size is not just about installing hardware or software solutions and assuming that they will maintain a steady and secure state, nor is it about a finite series of fixed-cost, fixed-duration projects.

See how the Swordfish Platform pulls these tasks together to bring efficiency, cohesion and visibility into your Information Security office.

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