MWC Barcelona 2021 and the Greek Delegation

MWC Barcelona is considered to be the most important international event in the digital technology sector, in which Greece has been participating since 2013, with a national pavilion and a multi-member mission with high-level government officials, entrepreneurs, academics and researchers as well as a multitude of companies in the digital sector.

The main theme of the conference is the promotion of the possibilities offered by the usage of modern information and communication interface technologies (5G, AI/ML, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobile Internet, Data Analytics), across the whole spectrum of the economy, from household use, businesses regardless of size, to the ecosystem of an entire city. Also, at the conference events, the role of these technologies is presented and analyzed, in digital transformation as a multiplier of added value in the various sectors of the economy, as well as in the business opportunities resulting from their development.

The conference and the exhibition are presented by the international media, through more than 3,500 journalists in the broadcasting media, high-circulation newspapers and the special press. More than 110,000 delegates and visitors participated in the previous competitions and over 2,400 exhibitors from 198 countries.

This year, given the restrictions imposed by pandemic, the organizers decided to conduct the event in a “Hybrid” way, seeking to maintain the spirit of the event, the networking capability and the presentation of important developments in the development and use of new Digital Technologies and the Digital Transformation of the global economy.

SEKEE considers it important to continue and utilise the Greek presence at this major event, for the international promotion and networking of innovative enterprises as well as the important developments and initiatives that Greece has to offer during the pandemic period, especially in the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector, as well as the wider development of the innovation ecosystem.

While keeping this in mind, we serve our country as to be represented for the ninth year with a national pavilion and a small expedition, and at the same time, to organize a major “Hybrid mission” in which all collective operators from the field of digital technology and communication are invited to participate, the relevant research and academic institutions as well as the structures to support start-up entrepreneurship as well as all the institutions and enterprises that participated as exhibitors in the previous conferences. The mission will be a continuation of the series of actions organized by the collective bodies of enterprises from the field of digital technology and communication, with the coordination of Enterprise  Greece and will be integrated into a renewed plan to enhance the extroversion of enterprises and the wider ecosystem of Digital Innovation in the conditions of pandemic and its medium-term consequences.

Our goal this year is to enable the promotion, networking and presentation of their products and services, to many small and medium-sized companies and brands, who will not have the room and cost limitations of a physical exhibition. On the contrary, they will make the most of the potential of the presence and will pay particular attention to the network from the exhibition for the creation of a two-year program of extrovert hybrid actions as well as to the dissemination of experience within Greece to assist and accelerate the Digital Transformation in the critical sectors of the Economy.

SEKEE, which this year completes 10 years of presence and action, in the recent Board of Directors has acquired a new Board of Directors which looks forward to the continuation, with new dynamics, of the creative relationship with the state for the development of innovation and extroversion, and considers it of the utmost importance a national need, the emergence of this new example of business activity, of extrovert companies staffed by people with innovative ideas , efficiency and ability to offer products and services competitive on the world stage.