The Greek delegation at MWC 2013

The Greek delegation

Eurobank implements a comprehensive strategy to effectively support an export-oriented growth model and to create attractive conditions to boost private investment, especially in areas which have a significant positive multiplier effect on the overall economic growth.

Our strategy supports sustainable Greek entrepreneurship and comprises a series of initiatives aiming to reinforce Greek businesses, help them overcome the acute difficulties of the present juncture, and respond successfully to competition challenges in the international markets.

The programme is structured around three core initiatives, which add-up to provide cutting-edge products and services to meet the needs of dynamic Greek businesses:

a. “Greece Innovates!”, an Applied Research and Innovation Competition, aims at building bridges between entrepreneurs, the banking sector and cutting-edge scientific research. At the same time, it highlights the country’s technological capabilities and helps transform high-tech ideas into high-value products.

b. Go International is a comprehensive programme designed to support and promote Greek exporters abroad through organized B2B meetings. It focuses on creating a strong and extensive network of contacts for the promotion of bilateral trade.

c. is a unique, innovative web portal to serve as a platform for Greek businesses to present and promote their products in international markets.


Participants in Stand

Cytech is a mobile marketing software provider that develops mobile applications and solutions using innovative technology to solve today’s business challenges. It provides clients with expertise in the mobile marketing field, to assist in creating and exploiting new business opportunities. Cytech is a one-stop mobile marketing powerhouse, with complete solutions for Bluetooth/ proximity marketing, SMS marketing, mobile marketing campaigns, or any other type of event marketing.

HOTech is a software house and systems integrator established in 1987. Its field of activity is the development, sale and support of integrated software solutions for businesses and organizations. Hotech is developing and marketing a broad range of innovative applications for modern ICT converging environments. It provides turn-key solutions for various fields such as identity management, healthcare and assisted living, access control, security and secure transactions, loyalty, ticketing, mobility and location-based VAS over a secure cloud computing framework and the use of NFC and contactless technologies. Hotech is a member of the NFC Forum and a Microsoft Partner.

M-STAT is a technical solutions company that focuses in developing mobile products and services that support effective mobile marketing campaigns and business processes. Having established an in-house technical infrastructure, M-STAT is able to deliver the highest quality products and services for the mobile and web environment.
Specifically, M-STAT specializes in mobile application and site development, web applications, premium SMS & micropayments, bulk messaging (SMS, email & push notifications) and SIM hosting. M-STAT is the first Greek VASP to be awarded ISO 27001:2005 and 9001:2008 certifications for its data security and quality management systems.

NovelTech is an IT and mobile services company that has several products, developed fully in-house, that can be either licensed or delivered as managed IT services. It offers white-label versions of the following products to value-adding international partners: City Guide: Web, iOS & Android city guide. Features: Augmented Reality, Location awareness, Online-Offline Maps, User Profiles, CMS, Local Offers, Suggested Routes, Multilingual. Special version tailored for the Cruise industry. m-Gov: mobile government unified communications platform (SMS 1-way 2-way, email, fax, web services for back-office integration) ntPay: SMS service for micropayments and restricted content access WorkFinder: job portal platform (Web, Email, SMS).

Regate specializes in mobile solutions that automate the out-door activities of companies, especially in the sales, merchandising and technical support departments. Using the state-of-the-art BizeGate platform, offer solutions for:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Marketing & Merchandising
  • Field Service
  • Asset Management

Regate supports all modern mobile platforms with emphasis on the Android O/S. Regate products are available in many versatile forms, such as on premise installations, cloud and SaaS.

Telenavis S.A. is one of the largest companies in Greece in the field of Location Intelligence and Telematics. It develops and delivers services and applications that are related to location, map and Realtime traffic data. Telenavis product portfolio includes Mobile Location Guides, Workforce Management Applications and Location Based Services-LBS enablers for mobile operators.

Operates in the fields of mhealth and e-wellness, offering a unique combination of innovative e-service solutions, assisting citizens on-the-move and medical professionals to better manage health and wellness. Chronic disease telemonitoring, tele-psychiatry, tracking and healthy aging & independent living solutions are included in VIDAVO’s portfolio.

VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES SA is a licensed Payment Institution and Ε-Money Institution for the whole European Economic Area (30 countries). VIVA PAYMENTS is the most secure (PCI-DSS compliant), reliable, easy to access and cost-effective payment solution and is currently offering innovative e-payment and m-payment services to a wide array of merchants (e-shops, retail stores or self-employed professionals) giving them the option to accept payments via cards and e-wallets. Further expansion in mobile payments area will take place in Q2 2013, under the launch of “Viva Wallet” as an alternative mobile payment instrument for consumers and business entities.

Mobile Monday (MoMo), established in 2000, is a global community for mobile professionals. Through its chapters it fosters the cooperation and cross-border business development and encourages the sharing of ideas, best practices and trends between domestic and global industry segments.
The Mobile Monday Athens chapter began in October 2011 and its main activities consist of live networking events combined with presentations from major mobile influencers. Main aim is to expose domestic mobile industry professionals to foreign companies and markets, and provide their global industry counterparts’ access to local community players; to foster an open, independent and innovative platform within the mobile sector & to provide opportunities for local members to effectively participate in global initiative.

ALLUVION focuses its attention to the innovative design, development and implementation of smart applications for mobile phones.
It provides integrated Value Added Services solutions to telecom retail chain stores, via which it is possible to edit the content of a mobile phone, to copy the content of a mobile phone to another, to print or to store the content of a mobile phone to storage media and to distribute digital content (songs, videos, etc.) to a mobile phone.
The flagship product -ALV POS- provides the following three grouped services:

  • Content Transfer (ALV POS CONENT TRANSFER)
  • Content Management (ALV POS CONTENT TRANSFER)
  • Content Distribution (ALV POS CONTENT DISTRIBUTION)

ALV POS is currently installed in more than 750 telecom retail stores in Greece and Romania (GERMANOS and COSMOTE). It is expected to install ALV POS in three more European countries by the third quarter of 2013.

Analogiesis a semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) design company that provides high-speed interface and signal processing cores for mobile, wireless and wired connectivity applications. Its IP cores are tailored to the customer needs, offering significant time to market and risk mitigation benefits. Analogies presents its 60GHz/5GHz IP cores, suitable for 4G/LTE mobile backhaul, and its USB 3.0 PHY IP core that has been designed to provide high speed media connectivity to mobile devices. Located at Patras Innovation Hub in Greece, the company serves fabless IC, IDMs, OEMs, ODMs that use SOCs with high speed connectivity or signal processing requirements.

Since its foundation in 2000, ATCOM has focused on the development of professional content management solutions and has acquired an extensive client base, with more than 2100 projects, that span all fundamental market segments. ATCOM is expanding in the international market as a world class software vendor, aiming to consistently invest in the infrastructure, human resources and know-how and high service quality. ATCOM’s solutions primarily consist of two commercial software products, Netvolution and TapVolution, which reflect the company’s focus on the growth of web applications, the management of digital content, and the development of mobile applications.

Strong commitment to innovation and fast forward-thinking shape the core of our business. Our main objective is to provide outstanding professional services and highly specialized radio technology in order to achieve cost efficient operational excellence for our customers. In FASMETRICS we invent, create and produce proprietary technology that proved to bring increased performance and maximum control on radio frequency propagation. With a team of highly spirited and innovative-thinking professionals that are the top of their field, we are committed in offering unique solutions applied globally to all wireless technologies. Today, we are proud to present to you “Waves of Change”, a team of services and “SONAR” a group of products aiming to high performance next generation mobile network infrastructures that will shape the future of broadband radio networks.

Get Social operates on Social Media & Digital Promotions based in Greece, offering a wide range of applications on social networks.

We create digital promotions and Facebook applications that enhance consumer engagement. Our company provides “i like voucher” application, a complete automated platform of Online Promotions to increase the number of fans on Facebook pages. “I like voucher” provides everything you need to create & run successfully contests, sweepstakes or sampling promotions.

These affordable promotions offer to companies a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty programs and increase sales through social networks.

GLOBO PLC (LSE-AIM: GBO), is an international leader and technology innovator delivering mobile, S.a.aS and telecom software products and services. Globo has established itself as one of the market leaders in the ICT market, offering a wide range of products and services to the corporate, public and consumer market. The Group operates internationally through subsidiaries and offices in US, UK, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

Founded in 2000, with a focus on renewable energy and telecom infrastructure management, inAccess is about access. We design and develop state-of-the-art products and solutions, which give our partners invaluable access to information, enabling them to maximize the viability and effectiveness of their investments through performance optimization and opex reduction. With Headquarters in London, UK, and presence in Europe, North America and Asia, through a network of offices in six cities around the world, the company is well established through long term cooperation with major energy producers and European telecom operators and manufacturers.

INNOVA SA, in seven years of operation, has developed a strong presence in Southeast Europe by providing all-round solutions for Telecommunications and Information Technology in Telecommunication providers, but also in large Organizations such as Banks, leading private companies and the Public Sector. The core business covers the fields of Value Added Services, Next Generation Networking, Operation Support Systems and IT Solutions, Network Infrastructure and Information Security. Extensive experience, continuous training of its employees, in-depth market knowledge and close cooperation with the CRI Group, based in Luxembourg since 1981, render INNVOVA the primary choice in the areas of Business Intelligence, Technology Outsourcing, Value Added Services and Consulting in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

IRIDA Labs is a cutting edge technology provider in semiconductors and intellectual property (IP) for Computer Vision and Video Analytics. Our portfolio includes embedded vision software for video stabilization, face recognition as well as a library of image signal processing (ISP), able to operate in real-time. With IRIS-ISP, IRIDA Labs offers a cost-effective and low power design that places high-performance DSC features in handheld and mobile devices. Our video stabilizer, VISTA, is a unique HD (1080p/30fps) low-power solution for high-end mobile devices. Founded in late 2009, the engineering team is based in Greece, with representation in USA, Israel and Korea.

Locotel SA, is registered telecommunications operator that provides innovative and specially designed messaging services for the Private, Banking and Public sector. The services (MO-MT) are implemented using our scalable platform Locogate©. We provide, messaging services and smartphone applications for Banks, SMS notifications for state projects, Mobile Marketing consulting and implementation, M2M, A2P & P2P messaging, SMS wholesale, as well as specialized VAS for mobile network operators. Our global coverage, guarantees message delivery to 800 mobile networks at 180 countries. Locotel is certified with ISO 27001 – 2005 for the information and system security and ISO 9001 – 2008 for the messaging services we provide.

MLS Multimedia SA was founded in 1995 aiming the development of innovative technological products. In 1998 the company was awarded the European Information Technology Grand Prize while in May 2001 MLS was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. In 2003 MLS launched the first application of car navigation while in 2006 the worldwide innovation MLS Destinator Talk&Drive took place. Nowadays, MLS consists a leader in car navigation as well as in educational software in the Greek market. MLS was awarded the Development and Innovation Kouros award in 2010. In 2012 the company announced the launching of the first Greek smartphone, MLS iQTalk while in early 2013 launched MLS iQTalk Crystal, the company’s new smartphone.

MobileMedia designs, develops, implements and manages entertaining, state-of-the-art, revenue generating mobile marketing campaigns, mobile loyalty programs, mobile applications, and mobile infotainment services for Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Marketing Agencies, Advertising Agencies, FMCGs and Enterprises around the world. MobileMedia’s powerful ramification and personalization engine has served so far 50 million subscribers, speaking 20+ different languages, across 40+ countries. Our proprietary contact and text optimization technology empower us to deliver superior results to the most demanding clients.

MobileMedia is a founding member of HAMAC; the association of innovative, dynamic and extrovert Greek companies in the field of mobile applications and services.

Since its establishment, in March 1995, NEWSPHONE develops and provides innovative communication services, content and applications, through alternative land and mobile networks and Internet. It is a pioneer in developing niche Telekom Services, such as the Directory Assistance service in Greece through the short code 11880. Also, it has the privilege to have set the standards of e-Government in Greece by having implemented complex projects and is amongst the very first companies in the world that realized Mega Mobile Marketing Promotions. NEWSPHONE is a member of HAMAC and its Managing Director holds the Treasurer position of the Board of Directors of the association.

Upstream is spearheading mobile monetization in more than 40 countries. We have marketed to 500 million consumers and converted 53 million of them into paying customers, producing incremental data revenues exceeding $500m. Our marketing technology platform, MINT, has generated 24 billion interactions with consumers across all continents and helped us build the strongest knowledge base in the industry. MINT makes it possible to drive better content, context and real-time adjustments that result in more convincing sales messages. We offer global coverage with offices in London, Redwood City, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Dubai, Athens, Bucharest and Rome.

VCI was founded in 2005 and is one of Velti’s most important business initiatives.
In 2012, VCI absorbed Velti’s business activity in Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The spearhead of the services provided, is the development of software to offer the most modern, competitive and integrated solutions for the following types of customers:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecom Operators
  • Central and Regional Administration Services

VCI provides integrated solutions such as: Business Process Management, Document Management, Enterprise Portals, Media Content Delivery, Customer Lifecycle Management, Identity Management, Business Intelligence, Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, e-Marketing, Mobile Internet, Mobile Value Added Services.

Warply as a product started October 2011 and has gone through various iterations, especially on the business model, resulting into a product offering that is win-win for all steak-holders with reduced friction and risk.

Advertising and PR Lab of Panteion University has been running since 1993. It is an educational, research and new ideas production hub in the field of applied communication based on the collaborative dialogue between academics, business executives and students. The Lab’s research and teaching objectives are: advertising, public relations, csr, crisis management, leadership and emotional intelligence, social media, storytelling, creativity, entrepreneurship, startup culture, innovation and co-creation.