Get into Games – GiG → ignite held at INNOVATHENS

A workshop dedicated to games developers, trying to help them in solving major issues related to their business. Some of the basic FAQs that the games developers are trying to figure out:
How do i fund a video game? What are the dangers in funding? How do I patent my idea? What is the target group in which my game will be applied? How do I feature in Play Store? How do I choose the best possible channel for promoting my game?
At the workshop, speakers-experts from the field of gaming, games business and marketing participated trying to give solutions to all these questions.
Christian Fonnesbech presented how Figuring out investors, publishers and partners
Marili Mitropoulou presented Smarter Growth, Powered by Google’s Machine Learning
Renia Papathanasiou, Prodromos Tsiavos and Iraklis Papatheodorou presented IPRGames: Stories of business and hope from the Game Industry in Greece
Yiannis Kotsis-Giannarakis, George Markatatos represented HAMAC and presented its initiatives for the enhancement of the Game Industry in Greece.