The Participants in MWC22/4YFN

The participants in MWC Acromove The full value of 5G networks will not be realized until they are deployed in conjunction with Edge computing, enabling the next generation of advanced applications such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and industry 4.0 which all require very low latency.  First generation of Edge solutions were either mini data centers that were cost prohibitive for scaled roll out or bare bones computers which did not offer cloud features that are a base requirement for all users today. Acromove™ has solved the problem with AcroCloud™, a complete hardware and full software stack solution, that delivers a full set of Edge computing needs in a cloud business model and advances the Edge adoption curve by years. Allweb Allweb is a Software Solutions Provider specializing in Governmental Portals, Funding Platform, Big Data Applications, Business Analytics Solutions & Internet of Things implementations.Its solutions include a portfolio of technology platforms and professional services to unlock the potential of data of our clients. Whether in the form of data management tools, dashboards, tablet reporting, high speed databases, budgeting systems, Allweb implements advanced solutions to enable companies to manage and analyse data in real time.Its dedicated engineers are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with strong backgrounds in business analysis, data analysis, data science, project management, software development and system integration. Allweb over the last 33 years has delivered successfully over thousand projects to clients in the Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, Utilities, and provided solutions for IT, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations departments. Apifon Apifon is a technology company on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to grow, identify and connect with their customers and create value for all, through simple, seamless platforms, offering business messaging & mobile marketing services. Through Apifon’s Multichannel Platform providing messaging services (Email, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, RCS etc.) businesses can grow their audience, create multichannel and targeted messaging campaigns, measure their performance and enable marketing automations to increase revenues and improve their customers’ experience, while designing attractive campaigns and landing pages, without any programming knowledge. Calpak Calpak is the first company in Europe to make the use of solar energy for domestic hot water familiar to consumers, this is Calpak! Their unique insight and years of expertise, is definitely a reason to look forward to the future and implementation of innovative solutions! Crowd Policy Approaching its 10th year of operation, Crowdpolicy has implemented numerous projects developing complex information systems for the private and public sector, companies, financial institutions and local governments such as municipalities, regions and ministries. It has also implemented numerous events, workshops and competitions related to the promotion of innovation in various thematic areas. Crowdpolicy has built on open technologies and data, as well as open innovation processes, developing applications and platforms in the fintech, govtech and open innovation sectors (hackathons, accelerators, etc.). This mentality still permeates the operation of the business, with the result that many parts of the technology produced are openly disseminated in order to generate wider added value. Cytech Cytech is a one-stop powerhouse, developing mobile solutions that translate business needs into technology. Cytech has been the trusted technology partner for companies in 25+ countries in 5 continents. Cytech offers 3 distinct cloud-based, white-label Mobile Business Suites, focusing each in a separate area of the mobile market:  A2P Wholesale platform Mobile Payments Platform Mobile Marketing Platform All 3 platforms are based on its flagship product, mCore, which is developed entirely by Cytech’s team, was initially launched in 2006 and features the 1st BI Tool specifically designed and implemented for the mobile messaging & payments industry.  Dataverse Dataverse is a Greek software house active in the domestic and global market. It provides software design solutions and development services to European IT companies and, at the same time, it develops its own innovative products. Some of its recent highlights include: Docutracks, an eIDAS compliant, mature case, workflow and document management software, chosen by tens of thousands of users, Oncorecords, an innovative ecosystem of web and mobile applications that empower both clinical oncologists and cancer patients to efficiently manage and extract value from patient health records, as well as ArtSteps, its very own web and mobile Virtual Reality (VR) platform that welcomes millions of users worldwide into the Metaverse, for more than 10 years, through Dib-In Dib-in is an innovative award-winning project that gamifies the selling process. It does that by implementing a reverse (price dropping) auction in a way that totally transforms the auction into a game that is fair, quick, fun, easy to play and most importantly by being budget agnostic. It is a pay-to-play-to-earn game where the winner is decided by strategy and observation rather than spending and pure luck.Its project has won the John and Mary Pappajohn innovation award and is incubated at the Athens startup incubation program. Most recently it was accepted at the Greek Startup Registry (Elevate Greece). Dotsoft Dotsoft is a dynamic Greek SME Information Technology and Communications services provider, offering innovative solutions and implementing successful projects. Excelon Excelon is a regulated financial services institution and BaaS provider to offer advanced digital money services, including FIAT payment accounts with IBAN, Mastercard, Crypto Wallet, and Exchange. Excelon brings a real revolution in digital money by simplifying the customer experience by offering a complete mobile banking solution. Excelon offers an all-in-one new banking experience for individuals and businesses looking for new ways to execute their…

The Greek Delegation at MWC22-4YFN

For the ninth consecutive year, SEKEE (Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies), organizes the Greek Delegation in the international exhibition GSMA Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) which will take place in Barcelona from February 28 to March 3, 2022. This is the most important global event on digital technology and innovation. Greece’s participation will be upgraded this year as well, with the presence of Greek pavilions at the MWC main exhibition and the parallel exhibition 4 Years From Now (4YFN), dedicated to startups. This year’s delegation will join a number of companies and start-ups, which will accompany the Greek Mission and SEKEE in Barcelona. You can meet the participants here

SEKEE participated in the event ‘Meet a digital SME for breakfast”, in Brussels

Athens 06.02.2020 SEKEE participated in the informational meeting “Meet a digital SME for breakfast”, that was organised by the European Digital SME Alliance and took place in the EU Parliament in Brussels. SEKEE is a member of the Alliance. Pantelis Angelidis, the Chairman of SEKEE, and the CEO of Metis, Mike Konstantinidis, met with several MEPs and presented the Association’s activities and the Greek digital ecosystem in general. Mr. Angelidis stated: “We specially thank the EMPs Petra Kammerevert, Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou and Henna Virkkunen as well as all the other participants. Let’s keep reinforcing the dialogue between the European institutions and the digital SMEs”.

“Innovation and Digitalization in Agricultural Production”: an event towards digital transformation

On January the 31st, 2020, the event “Innovation and Digitalization in Agricultural Production” -organized by GEO.T.E.E.- took place in the context of the 28th Agrotica Exhibition. The event is another step towards the reinforcement of the digitalization of the agrofood sector , which is supported by the Associations of NEA PASEGES, GEO.T.E.E., SEKEE and SEPE. The President of SEKEE, Pantelis Angelidis, pointed out during his speech, the importance of the digital transformation for the development and competitiveness of agrofood sector, as well as, the need for an essential cooperation among the four Associations for the fulfilment of this goal.