SEKEE participated in the event ‘Meet a digital SME for breakfast”, in Brussels

Athens 06.02.2020 SEKEE participated in the informational meeting “Meet a digital SME for breakfast”, that was organised by the European Digital SME Alliance and took place in the EU Parliament in Brussels. SEKEE is a member of the Alliance. Pantelis Angelidis, the Chairman of SEKEE, and the CEO of Metis, Mike Konstantinidis, met with several MEPs and presented the Association’s activities and the Greek digital ecosystem in general. Mr. Angelidis stated: “We specially thank the EMPs Petra Kammerevert, Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou and Henna Virkkunen as well as all the other participants. Let’s keep reinforcing the dialogue between the European institutions and the digital SMEs”.

“Innovation and Digitalization in Agricultural Production”: an event towards digital transformation

On January the 31st, 2020, the event “Innovation and Digitalization in Agricultural Production” -organized by GEO.T.E.E.- took place in the context of the 28th Agrotica Exhibition. The event is another step towards the reinforcement of the digitalization of the agrofood sector , which is supported by the Associations of NEA PASEGES, GEO.T.E.E., SEKEE and SEPE. The President of SEKEE, Pantelis Angelidis, pointed out during his speech, the importance of the digital transformation for the development and competitiveness of agrofood sector, as well as, the need for an essential cooperation among the four Associations for the fulfilment of this goal.