SEKEE – Hellenic Association of Innovative Application Companies of Greece – was initially established as the Association of Mobile Application Companies of Greece in 2010 by 32 high-tech companies that create value-added applications and services mainly for mobile phones.

Their activities range from the development of applications aimed at end users and services to telecommunications providers, to the provision of innovative communication services, content and applications, mobile marketing, etc.

Today, SEKEE represents a dynamic industry with more than 75 companies providing employment to more than 4,000 employees, including 1,000 highly educated scientists, with a total turnover of around € 400M and a presence in 40 countries.

The industry is perhaps the fastest growing in Greece, with an increasing contribution to national GDP. It has a strong technological base and is based on Research and Technological Development, as it combines emerging and diverse technologies. SEKEE’s members have the opportunity to bring the new wave of innovation to the global level and to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship, the market and competitiveness, while also having a social impact.

Collaborations – Objectives
In order to stimulate innovative activity and achieve economies of scale through the development of close cooperation between companies and bodies operating in the field, the actions of SEKEE aim to strengthen the ecosystem in which member companies operate, with the ultimate goal their business development worldwide.

In detail, the objectives of SEKEE are:

  • The cultivation and development of a spirit of creative cooperation and solidarity between its members and the promotion of synergies between them.
  • The promotion of collaborations between its members and similar companies / associations abroad.
    The upgrade and promotion, through specific actions and actions, of the companies in the sector and the positive contribution to the course of the country towards innovation and extroversion.
  • The submission of specialized business plans and proposals to government services and agencies, in order to achieve the gradual and smooth development of its members.
  • The organization of educational and training seminars and conferences, to upgrade the administrative and technical knowledge of its members.
  • The monitoring, research and study of every issue that concerns the industry at scientific, technical, financial and educational level and the information of its members accordingly.
  • Promoting and defending the interests of its members and supporting and coordinating any action to fulfill this purpose.
  • The representation of the industry at local, national and international level, as well as the presence at national and international events (exhibitions, press).

At regular intervals, SEKEE organizes informative seminars-workshops on issues of interest to its members and in which wider stakeholders and companies participate.