Οι συμμετέχοντες στο MWC22/4YFN

Οι συμμετέχοντες στο MWC22


The full value of 5G networks will not be realized until they are deployed in conjunction with Edge computing, enabling the next generation of advanced applications such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and industry 4.0 which all require very low latency.  First generation of Edge solutions were either mini data centers that were cost prohibitive for scaled roll out or bare bones computers which did not offer cloud features that are a base requirement for all users today.

Acromove™ has solved the problem with AcroCloud™, a complete hardware and full software stack solution, that delivers a full set of Edge computing needs in a cloud business model and advances the Edge adoption curve by years.


Allweb is a Software Solutions Provider specializing in Governmental Portals, Funding Platform, Big Data Applications, Business Analytics Solutions & Internet of Things implementations.Its solutions include a portfolio of technology platforms and professional services to unlock the potential of data of our clients.

Whether in the form of data management tools, dashboards, tablet reporting, high speed databases, budgeting systems, Allweb implements advanced solutions to enable companies to manage and analyse data in real time.Its dedicated engineers are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with strong backgrounds in business analysis, data analysis, data science, project management, software development and system integration.

Allweb over the last 33 years has delivered successfully over thousand projects to clients in the Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health, Utilities, and provided solutions for IT, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing and Operations departments.


Apifon is a technology company on a mission to empower businesses of all sizes to grow, identify and connect with their customers and create value for all, through simple, seamless platforms, offering business messaging & mobile marketing services. Through Apifon’s Multichannel Platform providing messaging services (Email, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, RCS etc.) businesses can grow their audience, create multichannel and targeted messaging campaigns, measure their performance and enable marketing automations to increase revenues and improve their customers’ experience, while designing attractive campaigns and landing pages, without any programming knowledge.


Calpak is the first company in Europe to make the use of solar energy for domestic hot water familiar to consumers, this is Calpak! Their unique insight and years of expertise, is definitely a reason to look forward to the future and implementation of innovative solutions!

Crowd Policy

Approaching its 10th year of operation, Crowdpolicy has implemented numerous projects developing complex information systems for the private and public sector, companies, financial institutions and local governments such as municipalities, regions and ministries. It has also implemented numerous events, workshops and competitions related to the promotion of innovation in various thematic areas.

Crowdpolicy has built on open technologies and data, as well as open innovation processes, developing applications and platforms in the fintech, govtech and open innovation sectors (hackathons, accelerators, etc.). This mentality still permeates the operation of the business, with the result that many parts of the technology produced are openly disseminated in order to generate wider added value.


Cytech is a one-stop powerhouse, developing mobile solutions that translate business needs into technology. Cytech has been the trusted technology partner for companies in 25+ countries in 5 continents.

Cytech offers 3 distinct cloud-based, white-label Mobile Business Suites, focusing each in a separate area of the mobile market: 

  1. A2P Wholesale platform
  2. Mobile Payments Platform
  3. Mobile Marketing Platform

All 3 platforms are based on its flagship product, mCore, which is developed entirely by Cytech’s team, was initially launched in 2006 and features the 1st BI Tool specifically designed and implemented for the mobile messaging & payments industry. 


Dataverse is a Greek software house active in the domestic and global market. It provides software design solutions and development services to European IT companies and, at the same time, it develops its own innovative products. Some of its recent highlights include: Docutracks, an eIDAS compliant, mature case, workflow and document management software, chosen by tens of thousands of users, Oncorecords, an innovative ecosystem of web and mobile applications that empower both clinical oncologists and cancer patients to efficiently manage and extract value from patient health records, as well as ArtSteps, its very own web and mobile Virtual Reality (VR) platform that welcomes millions of users worldwide into the Metaverse, for more than 10 years, through artsteps.com.


Dib-in is an innovative award-winning project that gamifies the selling process. It does that by implementing a reverse (price dropping) auction in a way that totally transforms the auction into a game that is fair, quick, fun, easy to play and most importantly by being budget agnostic. It is a pay-to-play-to-earn game where the winner is decided by strategy and observation rather than spending and pure luck.
Its project has won the John and Mary Pappajohn innovation award and is incubated at the Athens startup incubation program. Most recently it was accepted at the Greek Startup Registry (Elevate Greece).


Dotsoft is a dynamic Greek SME Information Technology and Communications services provider, offering innovative solutions and implementing successful projects.


Excelon is a regulated financial services institution and BaaS provider to offer advanced digital money services, including FIAT payment accounts with IBAN, Mastercard, Crypto Wallet, and Exchange. Excelon brings a real revolution in digital money by simplifying the customer experience by offering a complete mobile banking solution.

Excelon offers an all-in-one new banking experience for individuals and businesses looking for new ways to execute their financial transactions in FIAT or Crypto. By using the Excelon App, individuals and companies can get their current account with IBAN to send and receive payments globally, receive-store-send crypto through the crypto wallet, buy or sell crypto and use numerous DeFi products.


At FASMETRICS, we are vendor independent experts. We provide solutions at all stages of mobile telecommunication network deployment; from the initial planning stage, through to installation, operation and maintenance (where testing and network validation are critical).

We are highly spirited telecommunication professionals. Our team consists of highly competent engineers that are the top of their field. Through the years, we have proved our expertise in most commercial RAN deployments, from WiMAX and GSM-R to WCDMA and LTE-Advance. We are committed to innovation and fast forward-thinking.

We create proprietary technology that is capable to ensure competitiveness in the global market. Our products have proved to deliver concrete commercial and financial value for our valuable customers around the world.


Finloup is an innovative Buy Now Pay Later payment method which facilitates interest-free instalment plans to consumers. The use of credit card or a bank loan is not required – all consumers need is their e-banking and debit card. Finloup enables consumers to buy products they need now and pay later, while securing revenue increase and top line growth for the seller. 

Finloup utilizes open banking to assess the consumer and ensure fair and sustainable lending for all, thus working towards establishing an open and sustainable financial ecosystem. And remember: the consumer pays zero interest, zero fees. 


HotelToolbox is the ultimate solution to save time, costs & offer better service to hotel guests over time. As hotels contemplate the implications of changes in personal behaviors, they are faced with the challenge of how best to service guests and manage hotel operations. HotelToolbox has come to reduce hotel’s operations costs & simplify staff’s communication. It helps increase effectiveness, efficiency & cope with internal hotel processes. It consists of Mobile App (Android / iOS) & Web App, as well as a Guest App for guests (optional), in order to enhance customer’s experience & offer contactless hospitality.

[i2.d] technologies

[i2.d] technologies is targeting the SaaS market as a technology provider with a unique product portfolio that includes Petranna™.db DBaaS service for automated & codeless databases transition to the Cloud. Petranna™.db provides database service as multi-tenant ready allowing any number of tenants on the same RDBMS instance by altering the database schema into a multi-tenant one leading to systemic economies of scale,  costs minimization,etc.  The company envisions to stand as a world-wide leading technology enabler for the SaaS delivery model, standing on [the soft side of] the Cloud.

Icon Platforms

Icon Platforms is a pioneer company in loyalty and relationship management, offering customers the latest technologies focused on loyalty, engagement and business gamification projects. 

With TALOS Loyalty Software Platform, own, flexible technology and strong R&D, Icon Platforms offers clients access to powerful digital technologies.

Icon Platforms is a corpus of engineers, software designers, analysts, marketeers, artists, psychologists and innovators with a common goal, to create extraordinary, flawless, engaging user experiences for brands around the world.

Icon Platforms contributes to an integrated effort to identify, maintain and build up a loyal and motivated network for consumers/business partners/employees and to continuously strengthen loyalty for the benefit of brands and institutes, through interactive, individualized and value-added bonds, over a long period of time.

Projects are delivered in 33 countries for multinational and local companies.


Infin8 is a Fintech company based in Greece that is live in 6 countries, supporting more than 160 banks, offering account aggregation, payment initiation and financial management. More than 1000 businesses and individuals trust Infin8 to carry out their daily banking needs and manage their liquidity. Soon we are launching the ability to offer smart leads to merchants and utility companies based on transactional behavior. 


KEEANO LTD has developed the only cloud platform for yachting, that combines a powerful data suggestion engine, smart charter operation services, and an evolving community of boaters around the world. By combining and producing more than 800.000 (Helicopter and Drone Views) geotagged photos covering the whole Mediterranean coastline meter by meter, they launched Coast View. Along with the Place Recommendation Score, which provides personalized suggestions to users based on their needs, weather prediction, and historical traits/behaviors from other similar (in dimension) vessels, boaters can explore with safety and elevate their experience, by creating an efficient, safe and enjoyable sailing trip.


Kerketia is a consulting company facilitating the day to day business flow. Reshapes the operating framework by applying contemporary organizational practices. It becomes the catalyst for growth, designing and implementing technocratic and efficient methodologies that achieve the strengthening of the working capital economy, the increase of turnover and growth of new jobs.

Provides a holistic support approach with personalized outsourcing Secretarial & Administrative Services and ongoing training to existing staff. Through digital project monitoring & communication tools, the client assigns new tasks easily and quickly, monitors the processing time, sets the order of priority issues and has a back office to help him during the day.

It becomes the single point of contact creating a new culture for SMEs that are smoothly introduced to the digital transformation by receiving efficient, reliable services, with high level KPIs of speed, flexibility, efficiency and quality system.

Kerketia’s goal is to make it easier for businesses to commit to their core business activities in order to achieve maximum growth.


LIKNOSS is a leading technology company in online bookings and electronic services of ticket reservation systems and services in tourism, travel, and culture industries. The company operates the most reliable Digital Interconnection Network of the Greek Ferry with the Tourism industry over the past 21 years and manages over 26 million ferry tickets annually with a global sales network and one of the most advanced global distribution systems (Global Distribution System) Liknoss was founded in 2000 under the name FORTHCRS. Since 2018, Liknoss is the Travel & Tourism Technology arm of the North Star Group. North Star Group is an independent, international group of companies active in the Shipping, Technology, Energy and Real Estate sectors, focusing on and investing in technological developments and innovation. Liknoss Group consists of CRS Liknoss SA, Liknoss Italy Srl and Liknoss Central Europe SA.


Mobito, Mobility of Tomorrow, is aiming at improving urban traffic and leveraging data to enact positive changes in the society, while creating a sustainable and efficient urban environment! Some of the most innovative thinkers can be found in this team!


Modulus, headquartered in Athens/Greece, is an innovative telecom company offering next-generation VoIP services since year 2013. Voice-over-IP (or VoIP), a set of protocols, technologies and standards, constitutes a modern and mature telephony solution that eliminates several limitations of traditional telephony.

Being a market leader in Greece, modulus has helped numerous businesses in their digital transformation efforts during these challenging times, including by enabling work-from-home arrangements with minimal effort and investment, while significantly cutting down associated costs. Building further around this ecosystem, modulus has been among the first companies in Greece to develop and market its vPBX: a feature-rich, subscription-based virtual switchboard solution that negates the need for on-premises infrastructure while facilitating the transition to a new work-from-anywhere reality.

To complement its portfolio, modulus additionally offers wholesale voice termination, computer-telephony integration with popular third-party services and custom application development involving VoIP technologies.


MOPTIL is a high tech company focused on the fields of Culture and Tourism. The company uses the technologies of 3D Virtual Recreations, Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to design and implement immersive experiences that revive the Cultural Heritage monuments. MOPTIL has developed, under the supervision of renowned archaeologists a series of mobile VR reconstructions of archaeological sites. Moptil’s customers are tourism companies and cultural organizations. The company has implemented dozens of VR and AR projects in Culture. MOPTIL is a member of the incubator Egg of Eurobank, of Elevate Greece start-up platform. 


Narratologies is an innovative self-guided mobile app and CMS platform offering hybrid experiences of cultural discovery in the form of city games. Gamification is combined with location intelligence technology and Augmented Reality features to navigate travelers through the must-see sights and the hidden gems of the city, such as local places and shops where they win discounts and gifts. The self-guided app offers also location-based advertising services and a gamified loyalty program for local businesses to connect directly with the traveler’s and increase foot traffic and sales. Our aim is to offer tour guides and local businesses a platform to digitize their tours and advertise their products. We also constantly grow our mobility and behavioral database, obtaining valuable insights to the traveler’s online and offline behavior. Our goal is to offer travelers state of the art content personalization services using advanced ML algorithms and our business partners insightful data and predictive analytics.


NousPratIT is a dynamic start-up company focusing on solutions for Development & Implementation in IT. The combination of their knowledge and the use of the latest technologies, makes them another valuable member of the Pleiades IT Innovation Cluster.


Optechain is specialised in cloud solutions, providing innovative, high-value, cloud-based B2B software solutions.

Palo Services

PaloServices is a deep tech company offering marketing and communication analytics services to consumers and brands, using state-of-the-art Natural Language Technology. The vision of the company is to establish itself as a leader in the field of  innovative and disruptive internet analytics services with high added value, globally. 

The company uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning technologies and cutting-edge language technology to provide innovative ways to monitor & analyze online news and social content in real time.  It currently covers a business area with a population of 120M citizens in Southestern Europe. 

The company is supported by EU’s InvestHorizon Accelerator.

Pleiades IoT

The Pleiades IoT Innovation cluster was formed in 2019, contributing to the creation of a dynamic Greek IoT ecosystem and speed up the adoption of IoT in Greece. Its members include key Greek IoT players – large companies, successful SMEs and dynamic startups – as well as research centers, universities, associations and end-user representatives. On behalf of its Cluster members, it drives business, policy, research and innovation development in IoT & Edge Computing and other converging technologies across the Digital Value Chain to support digitization and competitiveness in Europe.

The Pleiades IoT Cluster focuses on Internet of Things technologies to introduce new business models, improve the delivery of services, increase efficiency in production, enhance wellbeing and integrated services, such as application-monitoring and activity-monitoring devices. It brings together academia, companies, organizations, foundations, RDI laboratories, training and resources centers, all involved in the digital transformation of IoT industries. Its aim is to synthesize new services, renovate existing businesses, and create innovative solutions using new technologies.


PROBOTEK is an innovative leader in the Internet of Drones sector and is building an ecosystem of solutions for enterprises.


Radefy has created, a fully automated, remotely managed, Access and Electric mgmt. platform, that resolves the three fundamental pain points preventing Hotels (up to 3*) and Short Term Rentals (STRs) from efficiently controlling their operating costs and creating new revenue streams.  Our Cloud-based solution, allows stakeholders to: 

  • Fully automate the Check in and Checkout process of their Guests by connecting Radefy with their PMS or Channel Manager
  • Eliminate Check in & Checkout costs
  • Reduce electricity cost up to -25%
  • Remotely manage all their rental properties from anywhere in the world. 
  • Realise new revenues from the Digital Concierge services we offer


Regate S.A. is an enterprise mobility software house focusing in sales force, merchandising and field service automation mobile solutions. For the past 18+ years, we deliver complete end-to-end mobility solutions that meet the needs of any sales or service organization. Our solutions are offered via on-premise and cloud installations and priced on a license or SaaS model. Our solutions are easily integrated and delivered to partners and telcos worldwide, with additional option for private (white) labelling.


SAMMY is a sophisticated, modern and attractive (easy to use), IOT cloud-based platform that supports the digital transformation, the transparency and the process optimization of marinas & tourist ports, by providing data interpretation, visualization and real time services. The company is a founding member of the Greek digital technologies Tourism & Culture Cluster, has been distinguished as one of the TOP-20 innovators in European Commission’s Blue Invest 2020 and it has been selected as one of the 55 Global innovative solutions for Smart and Sustainable Marinas (Monaco 2021). SAMMY PC provides services to more than 30 marinas and tourist ports in Greece and Cyprus today. 


Sigfox is specialised in the Internet of Things, connecting the physical world with the digital universe and power industry transformation.


Tekmon Private Company is a growing enterprise software provider based in Greece and the UK.  Tekmon’s platform is a secure cloud-based web and mobile application software system, used by major organizations and critical infrastructures to ensure no-code process digitization and immediate personalized notifications to personnel. The system replaces manual procedures that are currently in place for common processes such as technical maintenance, quality control, production monitoring, asset management, emergency notification and employee training. Tekmon is trusted by leading enterprises operating in transportation, construction, commercial real estate, warehousing and manufacturing. Its clients include the London Underground, Athens International Airport, Fraport, Olympia Odos, Syngenta, Ahold Delhaize and TITAN in addition to small and medium sized businesses.


Since 1999, Tetragon S.A. (Location: Thessaloniki, Greece & Facilities: Sindos) presents successful collaborations and projects in Greece and abroad. Member of the OCTANORM Global Network (OSPI Partner), ECSITE Pan-European Network of Science Centers and Museums. Certified by ISO 9001:2015. The partners of the company are members of ICOM (International Council of Museums).


  • Architectural studies – special architectural studies
  • Museological and museographic studies
  • Permanent and periodical exhibitions
  • Managing collections Infrastructures for the environment
  • Visual communication
  • Designing experiences
  • Audiovisual productions
  • Interactive applications
  • Construction of cultural sites
  • Construction of projection sites
  • After sales service Consultaning Services

Uni Systems

Uni Systems, a long-standing strategic ICT partner to financial institutions, public organisations, telecom operators, enterprises and institutions in the European region has been providing integrated solutions and value added services since 1964. Today, the Company invests substantially in its European perspective and demonstrates a proven track record of accomplishments in complex and mission critical IT projects in more than 25 countries through its subsidiaries in Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Italy, and Spain.


Wine Cat is a wine consultancy firm, having a team of professional sommeliers with years of experience in the F&B sector. We are creating food and wine experiences, promoting boutique wineries and organizing training courses.  Our tool for B2B, B2C, B2B2B customers is the virtual sommelier app! Being at the restaurant it will match food and wine based on your selections of plates and with a built-in translator it will not be all Greek to you. Furthermore “feed” the algorithm with your taste & appetite, and let it guide you to the purchase of the best suitable wine for you.


Yodiwo is a technology orchestrator, founded by a mix of veterans in the connectivity industry with a pool of talented IT engineers, that lives and breathes technology composition,changing people’s lives!


ZARIFOPOULOS SA is a leader in security products and services, Fire Safety and Control-Energy Management in the Greek Market and beyond.

Οι συμμετέχοντες στο 4YFN

The Magos

Magos is a solution that combines H/W (gloves) and S/W (Magos core) components, smashes the benchmark for VR gloves. That’s why Magos brings to the table the touch sensation via user’s fingers in the extended reality environments, being the only one that enables lifelike interactions. This is feasible thanks to Magos unique approach (patent pending) whose fundamental  element is the high data accuracy and reliability of the finger tracking. The company has been working with large corporations in aerospace, defense and healthcare in the North America and Europe, showing impressive interest and potential.


mSensis was founded in 2007, it is a European integrated system that serves a large basis by  leading service providers, financial institutions, large enterprises, and public sectors.  

The company is a software and system provider, focusing on next-generation technologies.  With operational know-how and upper-level know-how, it manages to offer differentiated  services by providing its customers with high quality solutions.  

IMA-HUB mainly focuses on the interplay between communication services provision and  interoperability and aims to yield an infrastructure and innovative tools to support their  evolution. It is an open and disruptive communication platform offered as a cloud service,  which provides communication services and interconnection among all market stakeholders.


ORFIUM is an award-winning, high-growth technology company providing software, data, and licensing solutions for the entertainment industry’s most complex problems around music, content and rights management. Our passion is building software that enhances the commercial value of the entertainment industry for all stakeholders.

We are an independent organization. We love technology and data. We understand copyright and royalties. Our solutions are built by industry experts on state of the art technology, underpinned by proven AI/ML models, with a first-in-class track record for efficiency and effectiveness.

In Orfium, we built the Infrastructure for the Modern Entertainment Industry!

Parking Stream

Parkingstream is a startup preparing the street parking enforcement of the future where all tedious and inefficient manual work of today will become fully automated. Our patent pending solution registers the time each vehicle spends in a street by means of ALPR Cameras controlling the corners of a city center. The calculated parking time can either be fed to our automatic seamless payment system or to our automatic enforcement system where it gets correlation with any other related electronic payment data. Like that parkingstream can deliver the promise of revenue increase and cost reduction.


Run4More is a mobile app that motivates and rewards its users with points for their physical activity. These points can be redeemed at our partners for discounts and prizes.

We are not another Running/Fitness Application focusing only on those that already exercise. Our goal is to provide suitable incentives to the entire population, to enhance everyone’s motives to adopt a more physically active lifestyle by adding exercise to their daily activity.

Raising awareness concerning the benefits of physical activity, we bring closer users and partner companies in actively leading and supporting a healthier and sustainable way of life.